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Quick Introduction to the Alignment Pro
Alignment Pro Golf Usage


All-in-one golf training aid package that always includes 3 products in each kit. A double hinge alignment pro or a single hinged Alignment Pro, a single straight alignment stick, and a faux leather head case to protect the sticks and the clubs from damage. go to https://alignmentpro.com/ and you will see what we mean.
Seriously though how annoying is the chunk or that blade around the greens. The chip shot by definition is similar to "easy shot" "slam dunk" or "free throw" you get the idea. At alignment pro here again we have a single tool with multiple uses to fix this very important golf shot. The double hinged alignment stick allows the club on a chip shot to stay on plane and properly use the bounce of the club to bounce properly off grass and prevent the blade from bouncing off the golf ball. This is key to chipping. Listen to the video and tell us what you think in the comments below. seriously so many uses. We have only scratched the surface ..or I should say you will barely scratch the surface and flush your chip shots straight and true. Go to https://alignmentpro.com/ for more.
Popular Swing Gate Drill
Have you ever wondered if there was a simple golf tool to practice with that taught you the proper way to swing each club in the bag. Simply change the angles to fit the angles of the irons or driver and swing through the gate.

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