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Control your Chipping

Many golfers lose control when chipping. This is often a result from the angle and arc of their backswings. With your Alignment Pro, your chipping will be more accurate through controlled movement and alignment. You can set up 'swing gates.' This will ensure that you're backswing is at the correct angle and arc.

Instant Feedback

A challenge golfers face is bringing their club 'inside' when they are chipping. In other words, their backswing is too much behind them. The Alignment Pro prevents this by creating a barrier so, if the backswing is incorrect, the club will make contact. By also using the Alignment Stick, the golfer will be able to instantly see if his or her club is going through the ball at the right angle.

Keeping knee bent

By using the Alignment Pro as a guide against the golfer's knee, it will prevent golfers from swaying or moving their back knee. Most importantly it will keep your right knee bent which is important in the golf swing. A bent knee keeps you from losing stability and power. This small improvement will immediately increase the golfer's accuracy as he or she makes contact with the ball.

Chipping Alignment

Golfers frequently chip with their feet slightly open toward the target. You can set your Alignment Pro to help you simultaneously align your feet correctly and maintain the correct club angle for your swing.

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