Double Hinge

All-In-One Golf Training Aid to improve your golf game

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New Single Hinge

See Your Stoke, See Your Lines, Make More Putts

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all in one

Swing Plane, Ball Contact, Hand Placement, Better Visualization, Plus Bonus Logo Alignment Stick

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Wondering How to Use the Alignment Pro?

Click on what you're looking to work on!

Putting is the most important factor of your game. The average golfer putts around 30-40 times per round! Click here to check out some putting drills using the AlignmentPro. Let's lower those golf scores!


The driving range is where we get to work everything involving our swing. A good swing plane will help improve a golfer's accuracy, ball contact, and so much more! Need to hit a draw? Maybe a fade? Let's work on it together!


Chipping and short game is just as important as putting! Working on ball control, distance control and keeping the body in tempo to make sure your 20 foot putts turn into tap in birdies! Check out some of these short game drills!


Really great to work with

"5 star experience working with alignment pro on my order - my sons say this has been very helpful so far in their game - they will send pics soon"

Great for Maintenance or fixes

"The versatility of the alignment pro is awesome because it can be used to maintain good setup habits or facilitate the repair of swing faults."

Best product!

love the alignment pro! It has helped my putting so much! Definitely worth the money!

Amazing aid great customer support

"The pros are great training aids for putting as well as a swing path confirmed. Customer service was great as well when I needed support."